Brief Overview

What is Dr Wheatgrass?
Dr Wheatgrass is a range of skin care products developed by Dr Chris Reynolds.  Dr Reynolds developed the wheatgrass extract that forms the main ingredient of our products. Since 1995 the wheatgrass extract has been successfully used in clinical trials and in thousands of patients.

What is the difference between Dr Wheatgrass Supershots and Wheatgrass Juice?

  • Juicing does not extract all bioactive material from the wheatgrass leaves.
  • A significant amount remains in the fibre which does not get absorbed into the body. By comparison our extraction process, which takes several months, yields almost 100% return of bioactives.
  • The wheatgrass sprout extract we use contains much higher levels of antioxidants. compared with freshly juiced wheatgrass. Fresh wheatgrass juice only lasts a few days if refrigerated.

I am allergic to wheat, can I still take wheatgrass?
Wheat allergies are usually due to gluten which comes from the actual wheat seed. Our wheatgrass extract is produced from young, vital wheatgrass sprouts before the new wheat seed is formed. Therefore, Dr Wheatgrass Supershots contain no gluten.
(If you are concerned about wheat allergies, we recommend you consult your doctor/allergist or nutritional consultant before adding anything new to your diet, including Dr Wheatgrass Supershots.)

A brief history of wheatgrass healing:
The history of wheatgrass healing goes back thousands of years. More recently, in the 1930’s in the United States there was substantial scientific research into the ‘Grass Juice Factor’ and other therapeutic and nutritional properties of cereal grasses. Because of its apparent ability to stimulate production of human growth factors, this discovery could revolutionise many aspects of medical treatment and enhance our understanding of the body’s immune system and natural healing processes.

In the 1970’s, Ann Wigmore started the wheatgrass juicing craze in the United States which ultimately led to a huge, nutrition-based industry which continues to grow worldwide.